Acacia hemignosta Mimosaceae

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Form and Size: Bushy, small tree to 8m with pendulous foliage.

Distribution: Across northern Australia in open woodlands, usually in sandy soils.

Phyllodes: Bluish or grey-green, smooth, curved and widest toward the end, which is rounded, 7-10cm x 0.8-2.5cm; 3 prominent longitudinal veins.

Bark: Rough, grey, tessellated or flaky.

Flowers: Yellow ball flowers in elongated, pendulous clusters.

Flowering Period: May to August.

Fruit: Pods, smooth, flat, light brown with prominent margin, 5-9cm x 1-1.5cm; seeds longitudinal in the pod.

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from treated seed. Can be quite spectacular when in full flower.