Acacia cambagei Mimosaceae

Gidgee, Gidgyea, Stinking Wattle

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Form and Size: Rugged, spreading tree 5-6m in height.

Distribution: Inland Qld. and N.T. and extending to the dry coastal area north of Bowen, often in dense stands; generally on heavy, dark, clay soils with loose stones.

Phyllodes: Lance-shaped, pale grey, 3-14cm x 0.4-1cm; 1-2 prominent veins.

Bark: Dark grey, hard, rough and fissured.

Flowers: Cream ball flowers, borne in pairs or in small clusters up to 10. The name “Stinking Wattle” comes from the perfume of the tree in flower.

Flowering Period: May to October and sporadic.

Fruit: Pods, flat, curved or twisted, light brown, slightly constricted between the seeds, 6-13cm x 0.6-1cm; seeds longitudinal in the pod.

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from treated seed. The wood is hard and takes a high polish. Sapwood is light in colour and the heartwood dark brown. Useful for ornament making.