Dubouzetia saxatilis Elaeocarpaceae

Cliff Quandong Distribution: Found only on ranges south-west of Townsville, on steep rhyolitic cliff faces. Form and Size: A small woody shrub to 80cm tall. Leaves: Oval to egg-shaped, shiny green above, dull and hairy beneath, margins sometimes wavy, 3.1-6.8cm x 1.5-2.6cm; spirally arranged on the stem. Old leaves turn red before falling. Flowers: White, […]

Melaleuca dealbata Myrtaceae

Cloudy Tea Tree Form and Size: A large, spreading tree, 5-20m high, with blue-grey foliage and distinctive finely-hairy new growth. Distribution: Cape York and eastern coastal Qld., Top End of N.T. and W.A.; along stream banks, in swampy areas and open woodlands. Leaves: Broadly oval, flat, dull blue-grey, 5-7 longitudinal veins, 5.5-13cm x 1.5-2.7cm; new […]

Neofabricia myrtifolia Myrtaceae

The natural range of this species is well north of Townsville but it grows reliably in local gardens. Form and Size: An erect shrub to 4m high, occasionally growing to 10-12m in forest areas. Distribution: Iron Range, on Cape York, north Qld. Leaves: Oblong, tapering to the base, tip rounded with a short point, softly […]

Nauclea orientalis Rubiaceae

Common Name: Leichhardt Tree Form and Size: A large tree, l0-25m high, with a dense crown; deciduous. Distribution: Across northern tropical Australia: in lowland rainforests, along streams and in swampy areas. Leaves: Opposite, large, broad, smooth, egg-shaped, dark green, veins prominent, tip rounded, 14.5-30cm x 9-17cm; prominent stipules at the base of each leaf are […]

Vitex melicopea Lamiaceae

This is an endemic Queensland tree with a range extending from SE Qld to Torres Strait. It occurs in gallery forest and drier rain forest from near sea level to 600 m. The compound leaves have leaflet blades about 4-10 x 2-4 cm. Fruits range in size from 4-16mm diam. In the Townsville region Vitex […]

Curculigo ensifolia Hypoxidaceae

[image to be added] Common Name: Grass Potato. Form and Size: A grass-like plant, usually in solitary clumps. Distribution: Qld. coastal areas, N.T., Kimberleys and northern N.S.W.; often in alluvial soils or woodlands, usually in soils containing a high amount of organic matter. Leaves: Grass-like, narrow at the base, 10-50cm long, corrugated or folded like […]