Plant of the month 01/2021: Tricoryne anceps

Good rains at the end of December sparked a tiny flowering bonanza amongst the smallest of our local native plants. Due to their size, many remain inconspicuous, even when flowering. Tricoryne anceps (Hemerocallidoideae) is a delightful exception. Without flowers, Tricoryne anceps is easily overlooked as just another low-growing grass-like plant. Currently (Jan 2021) it is […]

Plant of the month 11/2020: Dubouzetia saxatilis

This month we highlight an uncommon plant that occurs naturally only on steep peaks SW of Townsville. It was first recognised scientifically in 1997 [1] and its conservation status is rated ‘Vulnerable’ due to very restricted distribution. In the wild, Dubouzetia saxatilis grows as a small shrub extending almost horizontally from steep cliffs. It is […]

Plant of the month 09/2020: Persoonia falcata

Several of our members made a mid-September day trip to the Burra. Unfortunately, mass flowering of Calytrix was not happening, but many other species of special interest made the outing a great success. Outstanding plants for this Burra trip were Persoonia falcata, Grevillea parallela and Petalostylis labicheoides. The first of these was making a fine […]