Alphitonia excelsa Rhamnaceae

Red Ash, Soap Tree Form and Size: Slender, upright tree, variable in size, but usually not exceeding 10m outside of rainforest areas Distribution: Qld, NT, WA and NSW in rainforests, open forests and arid areas Leaves: Thin, elongated oval shape, smooth and olive-green above, whitish and hairy beneath, prominent veins, 7-20cm x 3.5-7.5cm Bark: Smooth, […]

Aidia racemosa Rubiaceae

Archer Cherry Form and Size: Bushy shrub or tree to 6 m, layered form Distribution: Northern areas of Qld, NT.and WA; in vine thickets or open woodland Leaves: Opposite, lance-shaped, glossy green above, pale beneath, to l8cm x 5cm; tapering to an elongated, pointed tip Flowers: Whitish-cream, perfumed, to 1.5cm diameter, in clusters held on […]

Abrus precatorius Fabaceae

Crab’s Eye Vine, Giddee Giddee Form and Size: Slender, perennial, twining vine which is deciduous Distribution: Australia’s northern tropics, also in SE Asia, Pacific Islands, India, Africa and South America Leaves: Pinnate. 5-12cm long with 8-16 pairs of smooth, round-ended leaflets each 1-2cm long Flowers: Clusters of pea-flowers 1-1.2cm long; pink, mauve or white Flowering […]