Bursaria tenuifolia Pittosporaceae

Form and Size: Tall shrub or small tree, 3-8m tall Distribution: North-eastern Qld., along stream banks and in open scrubland Leaves: Lance-shaped, tapering to the base, rounded tip, shiny green above, dull beneath, thin-textured, 3-5cm x 1-1.5cm Bark: Creamy-grey, smooth Flowers: White, about 0.5cm diameter borne in large terminal panicles Flowering Period: October to December […]

Bursaria incana Pittosporaceae

Form and Size: Tall shrub or small, sparse tree, 3-7m tall; young branches covered with soft, white hairs Distribution: Throughout Qld. in open woodlands and dry scrubs Leaves: Oblong, blunt, somewhat pendulous, green above, whitish and hairy beneath, 5-8cm x 2-3cm Bark: Grey, rough Flowers: Creamy-white, sweetly scented, about 1.2cm diameter; borne in large, dense […]

Antidesma parvifolium Phyllanthaceae

Currant Bush Form and Size: Small, bushy shrub with dense foliage, 2-3m high; semi-deciduous and having separate male and female plants Distribution: Qld and NT: in coastal scrubs, sandstone escarpment woodlands or vine thickets Leaves: Small, oval, blunt, light green, crowded on the stem, 0.8-2.5cm x 1-2.3cm Bark: Grey, smooth Flowers: 0.5-1.5cm long; male in […]

Alphitonia excelsa Rhamnaceae

Red Ash, Soap Tree Form and Size: Slender, upright tree, variable in size, but usually not exceeding 10m outside of rainforest areas Distribution: Qld, NT, WA and NSW in rainforests, open forests and arid areas Leaves: Thin, elongated oval shape, smooth and olive-green above, whitish and hairy beneath, prominent veins, 7-20cm x 3.5-7.5cm Bark: Smooth, […]

Acacia leptostachya Mimosaceae

Townsville Wattle Form and Size: Variable shrub to 5m, but often under 2m high; rounded shape, dense foliage Distribution: Qld., from Cape York to Chinchilla/Charleville area in open forests Phyllodes: Stiff, usually straight and narrow, leathery, grey-green, 3-9cm x 0.3-1cm; many longitudinal veins Bark: Dark grey, fissured Flowers: Golden yellow spikes, 2-4cm long in pairs […]

Acacia holosericea Mimosaceae

Silky Leafed Wattle ¬†Form and Size: Large shrub or small tree to 5m with silvery-grey appearance Distribution: Across northern Australia, along watercourses or in open woodlands Phyllodes: Broad, silver to blue-green. 10-25cm x 1.5-9.6cm; 3-5 prominent veins radiating from the lower margin at the base New growth often white with silky hairs Bark: Brown, rough […]