Erythrina vespertilio Fabaceae

Bat’s Wing Coral Tree, Bean Tree Form and Size: A small, straggly tree, 6-10m high, with thorns on trunk and branches; deciduous Distribution: All mainland states except Vic; widespread from arid areas to rainforest margins Leaves: Bifoliolate or trifoliolate, 10-15cm long; leaflets broadly wedge-shaped or 3-lobed, resembling a bat’s open wings, 7- 12cm x 5-12cm; […]

Diospyros geminata Ebenaceae

Scaly Ebony, Iron Tree  Form and size: A small tree, usually not exceeding 4-6m in height Distribution: Qld. and PNG; wide spread in dry rainforest and vine thickets Leaves: Broadly oval, 3-7.5cm long, blunt or rounded apex, often tapered to the base, leathery to stiff, with a waxy appearance, 3-4 visible glands on the undersurface […]

Cupaniopsis anacardioides Sapindaceae

Tuckeroo, Beach Tamarind Form and Size: A small to medium, spreading tree, 5-8m high, with a dense crown and a short trunk Distribution: Coastal scrubs and dunes between Townsville Qld and Port Hacking, NSW, Top End of NT and WA Leaves: Pinnate, 10-20cm long; 2-6 pairs of leaflets, leathery, egg-shaped to oblong, rounded tip, dark […]

Corymbia tessellaris Myrtaceae

Carbeen, Moreton Bay Ash Form and Size: A large tree to 30m high; solitary trunk but branching widely at upper levels; foliage pendulous Distribution: Eastern Qld and northern NSW; on plains and undulating country in open woodlands Adult Leaves: Narrow lance-shaped, often sickle-shaped, tip long and tapering, dull grey-green, 12-18cm x 0.7-1.7cm Bark: A basal […]

Corymbia dallachiana Myrtaceae

Dallachy’s Gum  Form and Size: A tree 15-20m high, usually with a clean, smooth trunk Distribution: Central northern Cape York to Rockhampton, east of the Dividing Range, usually as isolated plants in grassy woodlands Adult Leaves: Lance-shaped, long pointed tip, 10-26cm x 1.1-3.4cm, margins wavy; new growth in spring is a dark reddish/maroon Bark: Smooth, pink […]