Grevillea striata Proteaceae

Beefwood Form and Size: A small to medium tree, 3-12m high, with a sparse crown Distribution: Widespread but scattered across most of inland Australia, extending to the coast in the Kimberleys, Gulf of Carpentaria and eastern Qld Leaves: Strap-like, narrow to narrow-oblong, sometimes curved, leathery, flat or with recurved margins, dull green, undersurface having 7-13 […]

Geijera salicifolia Rutaceae

Scrub Wilga, Greenheart, Green Satinheart Form and Size: A medium tree, 8-25m high, with dense foliage Distribution: From Barron River, Cairns, Qld to Illawarra NSW; in coastal forests and valleys of the tablelands Leaves: Egg-shaped to broadly lance-shaped, green, smooth, glossy, tip blunt, stalk channelled, margins incurved, 7-13cm x 3- 5cm Bark: Dark red-brown to […]

Euroschinus falcatus var. angustifolius Anacardiaceae

Chinaman’s Cedar, Pink Poplar, Ribbonwood Form and Size: A tall tree, 20-30m high but often shorter, with pendulous foliage; trunk often buttressed Distribution: From Cooktown, Qld. to Jervis Bay, NSW; in rainforests, drier forests and along stream banks Leaves: Pinnate, 4-10 alternate leaflets; leaflets egg-shaped, unequal at the base, glossy green above, paler beneath, long […]

Eucalyptus platyphylla Myrtaceae

Poplar Gum Form and Size: A small to medium tree, 8-20m high, with a solitary trunk, often crooked; deciduous, particularly in dry years. Distribution: Eastern Qld, from Cape York to Rockhampton; usually within 100km of the coast, often in clay soils Adult Leaves: Rounded, sometimes heart-shaped or broadly egg-shaped, thin, green lateral veins at 45°-55°, […]

Drypetes deplanchei Putranjivaceae

Grey Bark, Yellow Tulipwood, Grey Boxwood Form and Size: A small to medium tree, 5-15m high, usually only 5-7m, with a straight trunk, often flanged at the base, and a dense canopy Distribution: Qld, NT, WA and north-eastern NSW; in coastal and tableland forests, monsoon forests, vine thickets and on stabilised dunes. Leaves: Variable shape, […]

Elaeodendron melanocarpum Celastraceae

Olive Plum Form and Size: A small tree or upright shrub, 4-6m high Distribution: Coastal areas of Qld, Top End of NT and Kimberleys;  usually along creeks and streams Leaves: Opposite, thick, leathery, oval to egg-shaped, 5-16cm x 2-7.5cm, apex rounded; margins roundly toothed Flowers: Separate male and female flowers, small greenish/cream Flowering period: April […]