Acacia salicina Mimosaceae

Sally wattle, Native Willow, Cooba (image to be added) Form and Size: Willowy, pendulous tree to 10m; sometimes found as a shrub 1-3m high; suckers freely. Distribution: Inland areas of all mainland states, usually along stream banks. Phyllodes: Pale green, smooth, oval, 4-20cm x 0.4-2.5cm; prominent central vein and faint laterals. Bark: Rough and fissured. […]

Planchonia careya Lecythidaceae

Cocky Apple Form and Size: A small straggly tree, 4-10m high; deciduous Distribution: Across northern Australia and down the east coast to about Fraser Island; in open forests and woodlands Leaves: Egg-shaped or spatula-shaped, tapering to the base, shiny light green above, dull beneath, softly leathery, margins having rounded teeth, 2.5-10cm x 3-6cm; turning rusty-orange […]

Melaleuca viridiflora Myrtaceae

Broad-leaved Paperbark Form and Size: A small erect or straggly tree, 3-10m high Distribution: Across northern tropical Australia; along streams, in swampy areas, and often in dense stands in open woodlands Leaves: Broad, oval, flat, stiff, thick, smooth, dull dark green, 5-7 longitudinal veins, 7-19cm x 2.5-5.5cm; new growth hairy, pink to mauve Bark: grey to cream, fibrous, […]

Melaleuca nervosa Myrtaceae

Form and Size: A straggly small tree, 4-10m high Distribution: Across the northern part of Australia and extending south in Qld. to the Wide Bay district; in open forests and woodlands or seasonally inundated areas Leaves: Oval, dull grey-green, stiff, leathery, 5-7 longitudinal veins, 5-10.5cm x 1-2.5cm; new growth hairy Bark: Creamy-grey, fibrous, papery layers […]

Harpullia hillii Sapindaceae

Tulipwood Form and Size: A tall shrub or small tree, 6-15m high, with a spreading crown Distribution: In dry rainforests from the Burdekin River, Qld to Clarence River, NSW Leaves: Pinnate, 5.5-12cm long; 2-10 leaflets, oblong, egg-shaped or oval, tip blunt or notched, leathery, dark shiny green above, paler beneath, 5.5-16cm x 2.5-7cm; new growth […]

Grevillea pteridifolia Proteaceae

Golden Grevillea Form and Size: In NT often found as a robust tree, but in north Qld usually a sparse shrub or slender tree 4-8m high. On the eastern side of Cape York it is found in several locations as a prostrate plant. Distribution: Widespread across the tropical north of Australia, in coastal and inland […]